November 5th, 2008 – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

When the news flashed around the world that Barack Obama had been elected to the highest office in the United States there was disbelief.
Disbelief for those who could not and would not ever believe such a thing would ever happen. At least not in our lifetime.
But happen it did. The voters said, we need and want change. What a change it will be. I sat in front of my TV reflecting on what had just happened. Tears came to my eyes, thinking about all my family and friends, who have gone on to their reward. My parents and grandparents, would be stunned and thrilled to think in 2008 an African American would have a snow ball chance in hell to get anywhere close to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, let alone live there.
But it has happened. I am proud, and frightened all at the same time.
But so looking forward to January 20, 2009. The place to be will be Washington, DC. Witnessing such a historic occasion that no one will ever forget. I do not intend to miss one minute of that glorious day. Nor will the millions who will decend upon the Nations Capital that week.
I would have never guessed, when I boarded a flight from Chicago one fall day in 2004, that the gentleman who sat next to me, would later become the Forty-Fourth President of the United States.
Yes Barack Obama even then had the sense of adventure, and the attitude of someone who knew he was destined for great things.
However, in our short flight, never once did he discuss himself. His interest centered on what I thought about the political scene in Washington, programs to assist the poor, and school education in the DC area. He shared his experiences in that area prior to becoming a US Senator.
He was inquisitive, thoughtful and a good listener. I can only imagine his term in office will be one none of us will ever forget. His youthful appearance, brings back memories of a young John F Kennedy, and all the hopes and dreams he instilled in the youth of the 60’s of which I was one.
It’s a new day, a new chapter, and aren’t we lucky to witness history in the making…..I wish President elect Barack Obama and his family all the best.
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