November 4th, 2008 – HIGH COW SEASON HAS ARRIVED


After summer seemed to go by in a flash, fall is going by even faster.
High cow season has arrived. Formal leather, chaps, gloves, jackets and boots. The leather fashion show premiered last week at the New York Eagle. The Eagle celebrated their 38 anniversary and the selection of Mr. Eagle NYC 2009.
Friday evening brought hoards of the faithful customers and friends.
A lavish buffet and an open bar for several hours kept all in attendance in a very festive mood. The new anniversary pins were a crowd pleaser. Later in the evening the 5 contestants vying for the Mr Eagle title drew their contestant numbers for the contest the following evening.
The meet and greet lasted for hours. Since NY bars are open until 4 AM no one rushed home.
Saturday afternoon the contestant interview portion took place.
The judging panel consisted of Peter Schwartz, Mr Eagle NYC 2008,
Michael Marino, MAL 2001, Marcus Hernandez, Leather Columnist for the Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco, “Doc” Hoskins, Leatherman of Color 2007, Teddy O’Rourke, INDL 2004.
The contestants were Jake Keary, Michael Colon, Brett Larson, Matt McFarland, and Steve Arszt. Brian Kent, Mr Eagle NY 2004 spared no one with his one liners and rapid fire delivery, and the audience was nearly rolling on the floor in laughter. Hillary Williams, Mr. Ebony Leather 2002 was Den Daddy for the event, and Christophe Andre, Mr Eagle NY 2006 handled the Tally master duties, and Boy Ray, President of the NYBOL
was judges boy, Susan Weinstein the wonderful ASL interpreter was terrific.



Following the Eagle contest, there were several more. The Mr NY Leather contest. The winner of that contest was none other than Michael Colon, who was the first runner up at the Mr Eagle NY contest. Michael will compete at IML in 2009
The Mr. & Ms. NJ Leather contest was held in Asbury Park. NJ. The winners of that contest were John Nowak and Caren Cunningham.
They have the option to compete at several upcoming leather contests.
Intl. Leather Sir and Intl Leather boy made it’s grand debut in San Francisco. A large crowd was in attendance to witness the selection of
Sir Raul Mendez II from Florida, Intl. Leather boy Bill Hoeppner, also From Florida. Jack “Black Jack” Pearce was chosen Community Boot Black.
Arlington, VA. was the scene of the Mr. Old Dominion Leather contest.
Three contestants competed for that title. Dirk Perry, Joel Shotwell and Matt Bamford. Joel Shotwell was announced the winner. Joel will compete for the Mid Atlantic Leather title in January 2009 in Washington, DC.
In Tulsa, OK the Oklahoma Mr Leather contest was held and the winner of that contest is Brad Gemeinhart. A very handsome man who will compete at IML May 2009.
Once upon a time, back in the day of the two major leather titles (Intl Mr Drummer and Intl Mr Leather), leathermen were very selective as to what title they would compete for. Men who felt they projected and believed in the Drummer attitude and masculine identity and the fantasy it entailed and identified with Drummer Magazine had no problem entering local or regional competition. Those who entered IML had a concept of a well rounded handsome, body beautiful leatherman.
Somehow over the years these impressions have dissolved. I have been questioned over the months. Questions ranging from have leather competitions just become another pageant. Do the entrants to these contests
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