July 7th, 2008 – HOW GAY WAS GAY PRIDE?

cityoftriumphs  A majority of Gay Pride celebrations throughout the United States are now history for another year. It was interesting listening to the various comments of why members of gay and lesbian communities did not attend their local gay parade and or festivals.

Comments ranged from “oh it has just become too political”, too many drag queens, the lesbians are trying to take over the parade and festival, It’s just not fun anymore and where are all the leather guys? But for every five who used those excuses, there were hundreds who felt just the opposite. They came out in full force. Especially in California where same sex marriage became law thanks to their state Supreme Court.

The Premier color to be seen in at the SF Pride parade was white. With or without veils, all were proud newlyweds. Hopefully this will not be overturned in November when it is placed on their ballot for public voting.

Pride in NYC brought out thousands and despite the rain everyone lining Fifth Avenue was determined not to let a few showers spoil the mood. Washington,DC had their pride parade and the following day the Pride Festival was held. The Nations Capital really does not have a parade of any size compared to NYC, SF, LA or Chicago, What a shame.

Folsom Street East, New York’s version of the Grand daddy San Francisco street fair, was a roaring success the week before the pride parade. The selection of a new Northeast Leather Sir/boy was one of the events as was the hugely successful Leather Pride auction.

Northeast Leather Sir Lucas and Northeast Leather boy will compete for the international title in October in San Francisco.

Fourth of July weekend brought us another leather contest. This time it was the regional Mid Atlantic Leather Sir/boy event held in the City of Brotherly love (Philadelphia). The Bike Stop hosted the event.Two Sirs and three boys competed for the titles. Sir Kevin and Andy Liu were the Sirs, and Stacey Franklin, Derick Rojas, Steve Mercer competed for the boy title.

After lengthy speeches from former and current title holders, everyone in attendance finally heard what they came to witness. The names of the new winners. Andy Liu was selected Mid Atlantic Leather Sir and Steve (boy shark) Mercer grabbed the leather boy title. These two are off to San Francisco in the fall.

The funeral service for Wayne Nesbitt, Mr. DC Eagle 97/98 was a fitting memorial for a man who was so well loved. Everyone who could possibly attend was there. The church was packed. He left us very suddenly, but he will never be forgotten.


A reminder to a certain contest producer in Philadelphia. If you expect people to attend your contest. It might be wise to provide a signer for the deaf members of the community who attended and left when they learned  they were not included..I bet they will have someone at their  International Deaf Leather contest to insure the hearing community will be included…The contest is in two weeks and will be held in Philadelphia.

IML Gary Iriza 08 is sticking to his plan and will be attending smaller leather events. He wants to make sure that he meets and talks to as many potential leathermen and women, who may not be able to attend the big flashy events. Sounds like a plan to me. He will be attending International Mr Deaf Leather and quite possibly could be the first IML to judge and or attend that contest.

The latest definition for Gay time is, Start whenever you feel like it according to some disorganized producers. Those who attend won’t mind…WRONG!

Well it has started already….two DC guys bought their plane tickets to fly to California to partake of wedded bliss. One had second thoughts because his Mother  asked if he had a prenuptial agreement. Now the  wedding plans are on hold until they march off to see a lawyer. Ah yes love in bloom. I guess the what’s mine is yours does not apply.

And to that former title holder who was spotted standing on a Manhattan street corner on Pride Sunday . What makes you think you should run for another title? You did absolutely nothing the year you had the title. What’s with these people who think after five years in hiding, suddenly want to enter something again? You only have to look at those who have tried that at IML. And look what happened to them. They did worse the second or third time….Get a life.



July 7th, 2008 at 12:39 am



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