June Pride 2009

Nearly every city across the United States that hosts Gay Pride celebrations has memorable moments. New York City is no different from anyplace else. Pride week in the big apple began with the Northeast Leather Sir/boy contest. The contest was held on Friday June 19 at the NY Eagle. Leathermen and Women converged to witness the selection of NE Leather Sir and Leather boy.

Producer, Rick Spencer, invited a steller panel of judges which included, Kevin King,NE Leather Sir 2008, Joe Moran, NE Leather boy 2008, Rick Daily, NE Leather Sir 2007, Bill Hoeppner, Intl Leather boy 2008m Tim Starkey, Mr. Boston Leather 2009, Black Jack Pearce, Intl Community BB 2008, Max Gregory, Mgr of the Leatherman. Judges boy, Spanky, Mr NJ Leather 2008

Susan Weinstein handled the signing duties for the event, and Roger Cruttenden was Tallymaster. A drag performer with the name Fantasia Thunderpussy provided the entertainment. Marco Rosato competed for the Sir title, James Gardner, and Benjamin Hodder were the boy contestants.

L-R James Gasrdner, Marco Rosato, Benjamin Hodder

When the scores were tallied, the announcement was made that Marco Rosato, was the new NE Leather Sir, and James Gardner, the new NE Leather boy. Each will compete at the Intl finals in San Francisco during the month of October 2009.


L-R James Gardner, Marco Rosato

Saturday night the LPN (Leather Pride Night) annual auction was held at Splash, a large bar in NYC. Hundreds of items were auctioned off at one of the biggest events of the year. It is not known how much was collected for charities, but it had to be a hefty amount. Once the auction was over, leather people scattered to their favorite bars and watering holes and private parties being hosted all over the city.

The NY Eagle was packed to the Max on all three levels, with the roof deck being the most popular. If you have not visited the Eagle, you must visit the roof deck with the new extended bar. No wonder it is one of the most popular places to drink and cruise. The leather mart located within the bar makes it so convenient to pick up all those items your forgot when you pick up Mr. Right now and drag him home.

With the late night closing hours of NY Bars, it was not surprising to see some sorry looking pusses showing up at the Folsom Street East Fair Sunday. Vendors had a full supply of enything you might want and the beer flowed. Leather was the name of the game and as little as possible. A smaller version of the Folsom Fair in SF. Entertainment was varied and well received. Fortunatly the predicted rain held off for the most part until the fair was nearly over….Folsom East has grown over the years, and it is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. NY’s Pride parade will take place Sunday June 28.



Bar and business owners are not the least happy with the soaring cost of registering a float for the NY Pride parade, cost’s have doubled, Imagine having to pay up to $7,500 for privilage of driving down 5th Ave. This amount is above and beyond the cost of renting the truck, sound system and decorations. Several bars have refused to enter a float this year.

Well Buffalo Drag performer Fantasia Thunderpussy was asked to perform at Folsom Street East, however local drag performers told her there was no space in the schedule for her. Although Chi Chi LaRue told her to go on, the NY drag queens would not hear of it. Miss Thunderpussy, left in a huff, and is now back in Buffalo preparing to enter a professional drag  competition in Louisville, KY…In essence the NY Girls can kiss her Buffalo!

The NY Eagle is wasting no time in getting the word out on their upcoming Leather contest. The bar had 10,000 post cards printed and are being sent to every nook and crannie. The contest will be held Saturday October 3, 2009. The contest will coincide with their Anniversary weekend the Big 40. The $3,600 prize package is nothing to ignore…They are looking for a real committed leatherman to be an excellent represenative for the bar and compete at IML 2010, next May. For applications go to www.eaglenyc.com

Realizing that times have changed with and in twinkie bars, certain things I think should remain the same. While many customers at SPLASH may have thought it funny and cute, many thought it was tacky and a health code violation, when the bartender decided to stir customer drinks with his tea spoon length appendage. Ney, ney , ney who knows where that thing had been prior.

It must be noted that Leather Sir 2008 Kevin King did a great job doing his title year. His step down speech was short and to the point. Pity the word “Brief” was not in the boy’s vocabulary. Dozens of New York area leathermen attending Folsom Street East, were quite surprised to learn there had been any type of leather contest held at the Eagle during the weekend. That may account for the low attendance at the NE Leather Sir/boy contest…Hey Mr Producer, it’s called ADVERTISE! and not just a week or two before the event.

By the way Mr. Producer, next time your contest is held at the Eagle, consult with the bar management to make sure the bar is open before the starting time listed on the poster….HELLO? Makes life much easier that way. Do Leather contest Producers still offer a Trophy as a reward for winning a contest? If they do, the question is why? Besides becoming a dust collector and rushing to Home Depot to purchase a lamp kit, what purpose do they serve other than letting Aunt Tillie know you were Mr. Leather Hoo-Haw once upon a time.





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