-by Vern Stewart

As the saying goes, it’s never to warm for leather. Leather contests are in full swing; New Orleans, Philadelphia and Portland just to name a few.

American Brotherhood Weekend resurfaced after a year off to revamp the weekend and the contest. New Orleans was the host city. Dean Ogren, Paula Smith, Jazz Thomas and Frank Nowicki are the new producers of this event. New Orleans, known for it’s heat and humidity at this time of year did not seem to prevent leather from being worn.

The weekend was a success. Despite the turnout, everyone in attendance had a great time. According to Producer Dean Ogren, the attendance will be much better next year as the word is out that ABW is back and will be held in New Orleans again next year.

Three men, two women and two boys competed for the three titles. The fourth title, American Leather Girl had no contestants. Nor did the previous holder of the title (Dawn Marie) show up.

The contestants were Randy Carmenaty, Alan Bowers, Greg Lakota for ALM. Joan Norry, Lilith Grey, contestants for ALW, and Shane Lucas, and Chris Scherrer competed for the boy title.

When the scores were tallied, the selection of Randy Carmenaty of Los Angeles, as American Leather Man , Joan Norry, San Leandro, CA.  American Leather Woman, and Chris Scherrer, Denver,CO. American Leather Boy. Congratulations to all the contestants and all the volunteers who made the weekend a success.

ABW winners  L-R  Randy Carmenaty, Joan Norry, Chris Scherrer

photo by Marcus

In the city of brotherly love, and sisterly affection,(Philadelphia) The International Deaf Leather contest was held. Intl Deaf Leather 2004 Teddy O’Rourke put this one together. Even though the temperature were in the high 90’s, the weekend event went very smooth..

When the votes were tallied, Marc ”Sir Y” Burton was selected as Intl Deaf Leather 2008 and Alan “boy taz” Arble grabbed the Intl Deaf Leather boy title.

Intl Deaf Leather competition

L-R  Alan “boy taz” Arble  Intl Deaf Leather boy & Marc “Sir Y” Burton, Intl Deaf Leather 2008

Photo by Alex Lewis

The Pantheon of Leather awards, and the Mr & Ms Olympus contest got off to a great weekend in Chicago. Hundreds of awards went worthy recipients nationwide. The selection of Andrew ( no last name given) Mr West Coast Olympus of Salt Lake City as the New Mr Olympus Leather 2008. Mistress Sabrae, Ms Southeast Olympus holds the title of Ms Olympus 2008

Mr & Ms Olympus 2008 Chosen in Chicago

L-R  Andrew Mr Olympus 2008  Mistress Sabrae Ms Olympus 2008

photo by George Wong

The Washington, DC. Highwaymen TNT, celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a lavish catered Bar B Q at a delightful farm in Maryland. Best wishes guys and here’s to 30 more.

The 30th anniversary TNT Highwaymen cake with photo of the active members..

Photo by Vern Stewart

Southern Fried Dish…….

When the former American Leather Girl pulled a no show with no explanation or contact, the contest moved right along with a comment of, and her name was who?

How many contestants have entered various leather contest and promised and swore to the interview judges of everything they were going to do during their title year, short of bringing world peace and ending the war… how disgusting once they have won, they disappear, or move from their locale not to be heard from again. Nominations for the VANISHING QUEEN, oops CREAM awards are about to begin.

How about a leather contest for the “It should have been me” contestants? The prerequisite would be you must have entered three or more contests local, regional or International. A week long marathon with a list of contestants longer than the Mississippi River.

Whatever became of the Leather Anthem? Does anyone remember the words? That disappeared like the Nehru jacket.

The title was One Common Heartbeat. Once referred to as One Common Headache by the authors.

The Wicked Witch…

July 21st, 2008 at 9:11 pm




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