January 30, 2009 – THE CITY OF TRIUMPHS

cityoftriumphs The nations capital has become the crown jewel and the focus of the world. Centuries of US history changed at 12 noon January 20, 2009. Washington, DC is hosted one of the largest political celebrations known to man. Citizens from around the world flocked to Washington DC to witness the swearing in of the forty fourth President of the United States.

Although temperatures were hovering around zero, Leather men and  women also gathered to witness the selection of Mr Mid Atlantic Leather 2009. A capacity crowd observed an exciting city filled with leather, straight, gay, and everything in between.
The Centaur MC hosted their 25 anniversary of Leather Weekend. True to form, the weekend went off without a hitch, and a good time was had by all. Kip Holler of Baltimore, MD was chosen as Mid Atlantic Leather 09. Jim Rinefierd first   runner up and Paul Masterson was second runner up. Chris Grasso, (head judge), Gary Iriza, (IML 08), Mr Marcus, Lenny Broberg, (IML 92), Hobbit, (IMsL 08), Thor Stockman, and Jim Plante had the difficult duty to select one of six contestants.Ray Rivera, NE Leather boy 2006, served as Judges boy.
The entertainment this year took a different slant. Kathy Najimy,  actress/comic/writer/activist held the audience in rapt attention with her presentation and she was so funny and extremely sincere. She has starred in numerous movies such as Sister Act, Hocus Pocus, and is the voice of Peggy Hill on the TV series King of the Hill. and was a cast member of the TV show Veronica’s Closet.
The opening number this year was not a Busby Berkeley extravaganza. But a well produced video of the past history of MAL and stirring emotions and memories of those who have gone on before us and those who remain with us. Emcee Frank Nowicki, was in his usual splendor and the contest proceeded without any hitches. Would it dare?
If there ever comes a time, that the contest out grows it’s present location, leathermen and women will just die if they don’t have a grand staircase to make their entrances when they are announced. You could tell some had practiced for weeks on how to navigate those stairs. Waving to the left, to the right, but never above their tiara’s.
Leather cocktails is the formal reception. Always “High Cow”, never low Moo. With some sashes wide enough to turn into a sling after the title year is up…
Speaking of slings…an APB (all points bulletin) is out for the Mr. CT leather who won the title last year, and disappeared off the face of the earth. The producers of that contest are not amused.
Considering the million or more people in Washington, DC. for the Inaugural went of without a hitch where crime was concerned. Not one single arrest. Plenty of Straights, asking what was all the leather about. and a number of out of towners once discovering there was a leather mart at the host hotel, ventured in to fulfill their curiosity, and several were seen with bags of goodies leaving the hotel..Hmmmmmm.
The Onyx party was one of the big gathering spots Saturday afternoon at the hotel and a very good time was had by all in attendance. Unfortunately, this year there was no cigar tent. Not sure why that was decided against.
Jon Krongard, IML representative, announced the list of Judges for 2009 in Chicago in May. Gary Iriza,IML 08, Peter Kincheloe,Toronto, Ray Lamb,Frankfurt, Germany Jack Darnell, Anchorage,AK, Mindy Chateauvert,DC Mark Fernstrum,Rehoboth DE, Lawrence Burden,Los Angeles and Kevin McGraw, Cincinnati, OH.
Will we ever figure out why a person enters a contest. places first runner up, then races to another contest, and enters and wins, and then resigns the title? What’s with people like that? Maybe it’s the weather in NY.
While the same sex marriage was defeated in CA in November and many do not know where they stand, how many have really given thought to exactly what the meaning of Marriage really is all about.
How many have had wedding ceremonies and within three months
the whole thing has gone up in smoke. Is there no truth to having to be friends first, and lovers second? A marriage commitment covers a larger area than just a sexual attraction. Although that has flown over the head of a few. So before you say “I do” maybe you should ask who are you, and what do we have in common besides sex.
Not that it has not happened before, but we still have slugs crawling around ripping off the leather community money missing, arguing over who are the owners of leather titles. People who we thought were upstanding, trustworthy and honest have absconded with money that was not theirs and who’s puss should be posted on a wanted poster.
Not too bright department…..
You met the number at a bar and it was lust at first site. Three days later you move in together. Five days later you open up a joint checking account, however only your money is in the account. Ten days later the money has disappeared from the account and so has Mr Wonderful,
with your $2700.00 Not a bad haul for 17 days. Like PT Barnum once said, There’s a sucker born every minute. You big dummy.
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